Vision and Mission

A General Charter:

The Goals and Objectives were derived when the Shridevi Charitable Trust was born with the mission:


 “To equip the students with the knowledge to stay ahead in today’s competitive world, to mould their brilliant young minds an prepare them into mature individuals capable of grasping the challenges of new world order, and to enable them to spearhead their way into future”

The purpose of educational programmes in the Shridevi Polytechnic Institute should be from the above vision:

  • to develop in each student mastery of fundamentals, versatility of mind, motivation for learning, intellectual discipline and self-reliance which provide the best foundation for continuing professional achievement;
  • as a professional education so that each student acquires a respect for moral values, a sense of their duties as a citizen, a feeling for taste and style, and a better human understanding.
  • make pioneering effort specially in frontier areas of technology
  • inculcate the desired perception and value -system in their students both by personal example and by precept


“To imbibe in our students, traits of achieving excellence combined with ethics, compassion and courage in any chosen field by making them capable of assimilating the information and to become not only the best engineers but also best human beings”

The Trust’s objectives which emerge from the above line of development are:

  • the advancement of knowledge through education, Social science and Humanities;
  • Service to the community and nation through the use if their resources both intellectual and material, particularly through Continuing Education for professionals working in Industry.
  • Strive to be relevant and excellent
  • Engage themselves in teaching, training, research, publication and extension work of relevance