Mechanical Engineering – Laboratries

  • Mechanical testing & Quality control lab

Tensile, Compression, Shear, Torsion and Bending tests on Mild Steel and Wood specimens are carried on Universal Testing Machine Impact tests are conducted using Izod and Charpy device for Mild Steel. Experiments on Wear study are conducted using Pin on Disc drive. Hardness Number of different materials is found using various methods like Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers.

Quality Control Labs involves to determine the co-efficient of Viscosity of oil  by Redwood Viscometer, Flash & Fire points, Co-efficient of friction of oil by Thurston oil tester

  • CADD lab

 Graphics is the language of engineering. CAEG is blended with software drafting to analyze the positioning of solids in different co-ordinates. Software drafting exposure will help students master the computer skills using the software s like Auto-CADD, Solidge edge, Pro/E

  • Basic workshop I & II

  Students are taught the basic fundamental trades of engineering like Fitting, Carpentry; Welding &Sheet Metal Work Knowledge of these trades makes students gain confidence.

Grain size of sand is measured by sieve analysis test. Strength of sand in green condition is measured for tension, compression and shear strength in foundry lab. Students are also trained in preparing moulds and castings.

Forging Lab makes students learn about furnaces and working with hot metal in deformation conditions.

  • Machine shop-I & II

 It Involves the student to know about Lathe, Drilling, Milling, Shaping machines & also they learn about internal, external thread, right hand & left hand threads,Knurling,step turning, taper turning etc.They also know about drilling, shaping etc

  • Fluid Power Lab

 Co-efficient of discharge is measured through orifice meter, nozzle. Effect of friction on fluids and co efficient of friction of fluids is measured in pipes. Force analysis of fluids on different vanes is carried by impact of jet on vanes.

Performance and efficiency of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps are studied. Functioning of air compressor and blower are also studied

  • Parametric Solid Modeling Lab

  In Parametric Solid Modeling lab students learn about drafting, modeling, analysis and CNC machining software. This lab is equipped with two different drafting software, one modeling software and analysis software, for drafting we have “Solid Edge V19” and “CADIAN 2006” in which students learn to draw basic engineering drawings and machine drawings. For modeling we use Solid Edge V19, in which students will be trained to create 3-D models of the machine parts and to assemble them. For analysis we are using ANSYS 10.0. In this, students will learn the basics of Finite Element Analysis.

CNC-milling and turning software in which students will be trained in CNC-machine programming to create models of required shape and size by using standards machine different tools. CADEM software is used by students for creating models and simulation using standards machine tools