Civil Engineering – Laboratories

  • Surveying Practice-I  & II lab

Lab mainly consists of surveying instruments such as chain, tape, level, theodolite, total station. With the knowledge of above instruments and along with the knowledge of surveying students can manage to make the markings for any type of constructions, carry out quantity surveying, and also measure any type of land .

  • CAD lab

The students can able to learn how to use Auto CAD for the purpose of drafting of Civil engineering components such as footing, column, doors  and windows etc.,

  • Environmental Science & Hydraulics  lab

Here students learns to   gauge and calculate the environmental factors affecting human life directly or indirectly and thereby gaining knowledge for creating beautiful environment for man kind.
Hydraulics lab deals with the properties of fluids which provide the students a better knowledge fro designing canals, notches, weirs, pumps and machines for the betterment of human life.

  • Concrete lab

A student learns different types of concretes and their strengths as well as their applications in the field.